Smart ventilation - everything in the green?

With regard to Corona, the CO2 device can also convince and make a relevant contribution to pandemic containment, so the TU Berlin recommends the measuring devices against aerosol formation in classrooms and offices. It has been scientifically proven that aerosols contribute significantly to the spread of COVID-19. Aerosols are released by humans when they speak, laugh, and breathe and spread through the room air. If this room is not adequately ventilated, the amount of aerosol increases and the CO2 concentration increases accordingly. The CO2 device from MB-Systemtechnik signals the concentration of CO2 in the room and thus guarantees optimal ventilation to prevent increased aerosol formation.

More concentration, less fatigue, the prevention of mold growth indoors - this is what the CO2 devices from MB Systemtechnik promise.

Product characteristics

Analog Output 4-20mA / 0-10V

Analog Output
4-20mA / 0-10V

Digital Output RS485, PWM

Digital Output
RS485, PWM

Display LCD, TFT, Touch

LCD, TFT, Touch

LEDs 10 mm or smaller

10 mm or smaller

Switching Output Relay

Switching Output

Table device

Table device

Wall device Finery, Floating

Wall device
Finery, Floating

Acoustic signal

Acoustic signal

Self calibration

Self calibration

Product Highlights

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Good to know: Background knowledge

CO2 Ampel Aerosole

How aerosols spread Corona in space, Landesschau Rheinland-Pfalz, SWR Fernsehen, 14.09.2020

How aerosols spread Corona in space

Aerosols are everywhere in the air - no matter where we walk or stand and where we inhale and exhale, even if mostly not visible. Aerosols are basically harmless and they have not only existed since the corona pandemic.

Aerosols spread very quickly and unnoticed. When a person sits in a room and breathes through their nose, the aerosols reach the ceiling after just 30 seconds, together with the warm air that rises upwards.

After a minute, the aerosols have spread around the person within a radius of three meters. After two minutes they have spread throughout the room.

It is important to keep the dose of the inhaled virus particles as low as possible. When we want to meet other people, we are safest outdoors. Inside, frequent burst ventilation helps to get the aerosol particles outside.

However, this will be difficult to keep in winter. That is why CO2 devices are used in schools, for example. They are supposed to give a signal when it is time to open the windows. Because when we breathe we emit carbon dioxide and a lot of CO2 also means a high concentration of aerosols.

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